World Show Qualifying


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2017 World Show Qualifying Process

National Qualification

For more information about national qualification, including the number of points needed in each event, please visit: AQHYA’s website

1. The state qualifying dates for the 2017 RMQHYA World Show team begin with the 2016 Rocktoberfest Show through June 25th of the current year or first day of paid membership of the youth member.

2. Cutting and Team Penning will be based on National AQHA points. Interested youth must contact Advisor by June 15, 2017.

3. Roping classes will have two (2) qualifying days during the Super Circuit. The exhibitor will use both placings.

4. For all other events:

a. There are 10 specified qualifying show dates. These dates include:.
      • 2016 Fall Futurity Show, September 15th -17th - 1 judge

      • 2016 Rocktoberfest, October - 1 judge

  • 2017 Pre Denver , January - 1 judge

      • Bellringer, February - 1 judge

      • Gold Rush, March - 2 judges

      • Mile High Classic, April -  1 judge

      • Colorado Gold, May - 1 judge (Roping and Jumping in Loveland)  Pueblo show cancelled

     • Colorful Colorado, June - 1 judge (Reining)

  • Heart of the Rockies, June - 1 judge

All dates are subject to change.

b. All exhibitors intending to qualify in an event or events must declare such intent in writing no later than May 1st, 2017 for Level 3 and June 1st, 2017 for Level 2. A Declaration Form must be completed and returned specifying each class that the exhibitor and horse combination intend to qualify in along with a check made payable to RMQHYA in the amount of $10.00 for each class declared.

c. The exhibitor will be allowed to use his/her six best placings in each respective event. There is no minimum number of times the exhibitor must show to be eligible; it is done strictly on a point basis using no more than six (6) shows. The top four (4) horses in each event will represent Colorado at the AQHYA World Championship Show. An alternate entry will be picked on the same basis. Any Colorado entries receiving National Qualification will represent Colorado in addition to the top four (4) riders/horses qualifying in the state.

d. On qualifying days, if a class in split into age divisions (13 & under and 14-18), the show management will offer an 18 & under qualifying class. The youth must show in both the qualifying class and the corresponding age division class in order for their points to count towards AQHYA Youth World Show qualifying. The five (5) classes that this applies to are: Showmanship, Hunter under Saddle, Western Pleasure, Horsemanship and Equitation.

e. All points will remain on a one horse/ one rider basis. Contestants in the top nine (9) will be given one point for each exhibitor placing below him plus one point up to a maximum of nine (9) points.
Example: If there are 12 horses in the class, the 1st place horse will receive 9 points, 2nd place will receive 8 points, etc. through nine (9) placings.

f. In case of a tie, the youth winning the highest number of first places would be selected and lastly by the most number of seconds.

g. All qualifiers must be current members in good standing with RMQHYA.

h. Any appeals regarding qualifiers must be made in writing to the Youth Advisor or the RMQHA office AND be received on or before June 25th. Final decision to be made by the Show and Performance Vice President.

i. Once qualified, each team member will be responsible for obtaining $200 in sponsorship money. Sponsorship money is due July 25th, 2017. The sponsorship money will be used for stall decorations, T-shirts and beverages throughout the show. The sponsorship form is located at the back of the Youth Guide, and is available online.

j. These qualifying rules will remain in effect for the 2016 and 2017 show seasons.

For complete coverage of the event, please visit AQHYA’s website

Youth World Declaration Form

Youth World Show Sponsorship Form